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Full Moon medicine drum Workshop sept 20
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Conscious Dance Journeys offered: 

 Meditative Dance

  Is a conscious meditation dance. This aids in relieving and balancing the stresses of modern day living, which affects our overall health. Offering similar benefits to yoga,  increases your awareness of the connection between your body and soul, leaving you with a feeling of inner peace and serenity. In our western culture, many of us experience loss of connection to our soul, that is, we experience conflict between our inner and outer lives. This is a way to find joy & your way back home to yourself, your true essence,  passion for life, to feel energised and alive again.

  Dancers leave reality behind - surrendering to the music and dancing from the inside out - ultimately freeing their natural energy flows and feeling more alive and joyful !

You do not have to be a Dancer or an Artist, just happy to explore with your own soul, to gain insights and find your own passion, peace & joy.

Body intelligence with Free form 

  It is a conscious free form dance based on Somatic therapy, Ecstatic & Shamanic dance practices, supporting the body to surrender, release & trust the process and is a fun easy elegant & empowering experience. The dance can be in a community group sharing space, where everyone one feels connected with a theme. 


  This is a fun way to release stored, negative energy through dancing movement, it bypasses the mind of judgement. Feels freeing to the body, mind and spirit to let go.

I found this very powerful for dancers, to release emotions, past trauma, pain and negative thinking patterns, that may be keeping them from moving forward in their lives.

  The facilitator takes the dancers on a journey, that has moments of deep inner spiritual connections, to the self. The elements are used as the meditative focus to help dancers get connected to their own bodies and nature (earth, water, fire, air & ether) using a wave of music. Parts of the dance are experienced with the community group, if one wishes to be part of a group or the dancer can stay connected to their own inner space. It is all free form dancing, that encourages dancers to tune into their own bodies intelligence, to move and heal themselves at a deeper lever. No structure on dance technique is given.

Look forward to dance with you soon.......


(trained as Conscious Dance Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Art Therapist Counsellor and Published Author) 


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