Hi Readers...

Why did I write my books??


My 1st book "Seeker of Freedom and Joy"...

I wrote this book for me, but mostly for you. We are all brothers and sisters, divine sparks looking to find our way joyfully back to the great ocean of unconditional love, light and higher consciousness.

This book is a road map, with landmarks shared transparently to show how my heart and soul guided me to a more conscious life, one filled with freedom, joy and love. I offer this to inspire you to find your own path beyond the challenges and fears we all struggle with in life.  

Through my own resistance, healing, and many transformations, I navigated my way through the heart to find my freedom. With new found freedom I discovered my own empowerment, allowing wisdom, joy, love, abundance. and magic into my life. This book has lived in side my heart for some time, and has grown into the force of a lion, roaring at me let it out. That force is my soul.


My 2nd book "The Power of Love with Animals"...

I write to inspire you to know and feel the joy of communicating with other species and our ancestors, that you may know they walk with us in life and are always waiting for us to communicate with them. They want to support our life journey here on earth, to help us to evolve and never feel alone.

We can all have a magical an extraordinary life with our animal companions, ancestors and many other species, which helps us to find deeper relationships with everything here on Mother Earth and to explore other realms of existence awaiting us beyond the physical 3D world.

Many pages here will inspire you to take your own relationships with animal companions and wildlife to new levels of understanding. Let the language of love take you to places in your heart you may have never thought possible.