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About Debra Author

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How did my author journey begin? ...

When did I get this idea of writing my books?

My first memory was when I lived in the central desert of Australia, inspired by the landscape and memories of my extensive life travels across this beautiful planet for over 45yrs I started to write but never completed the draft. Some years later 28 yrs after my father passed away he came to me in spirit with an important message for me, energetically I felt goose bumps and shivers through my body, and

asked why are you here? his message... 

“You have not written your books? You did not receive all those gifts to keep them for yourself, you need to share them with many, it is time”.

Gifts I thought? What gifts? Oh yes all the challenges, hurdles and wounds of the heart, I have released to find my own path to be enlightened and live more consciously to be liberated from karma, yes they are my gifts.

Several months later attending a writing workshop my first book came rushing out in a weekend like the force of a Lion, roaring at me to let it out. That was my soul screaming at me to let it flow.  2020  I released my first book "Seeker of Freedom and Joy"- an inspiring life journey exploring the mind, body and soul. I now find myself with several more books flowing from me waiting to be released. 2021  I released my second book "The Power of Love with Animals - magical life communicating with other species". Full of magical adventures with animals and nature. I find myself a voice for the voiceless species on the earth. 2022 a third book due for release "Peace Within"

I am an Author... of inspiring books and a voice for the voiceless species

What is your gift?

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