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Workshops coming up ...


November 26th 2022 - Your Creativity Workshop "Explore through Meditation, Dance, Art and Writing to Heal" (NSW Central Coast) details below...

November 12th 2022 - Your Writing Workshop "Explore Heart Writing" NSW Central Coast 

Storytelling & Speaking Events  coming up ...


November 18th 2022 - Storytelling  "Trusting the Path of the Heart"  NSW Central Coast  details below...

October 7th 2022 - Speaking "Are You the Master or Servant of Your Mind" Convention Centre, Melbourne

January 19th 2022 - Storytelling "Plant Music & Meditation" (NSW Central Coast, Woy Woy) 

June 4th  2021 - Storytelling "On Safari in Africa" (NSW Central Coast, Holgate) 

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Debs writing workshop ARAFMI Feb 2021.jpg

NOVEMBER Sat 12th 2022


"Explore Heart Writing to Heal" 

Time: 11am to 3pm (4hrs)

When: Saturday 12th November 2022

Where: NSW Central Coast


I offer practical skills to go deeper into writing beyond the mind and create from the heart to heal. You will have new skills to use at home to journal, blog, write your own book. 

Suitable for New & Experienced Writers

Facilitated by Debra A. Lansdowne

(awarded Author & Therapist of the Arts)

 Investment : $98

(includes a free book)

BOOKS ESSENTIAL - (limited spaces)


NOVEMBER  Sat 26th  2022


"Meditation, Dance, Art

and Writing to Heal"

Time: 1 to 5pm (4hrs)

When: Saturday 26th November 2022

Where: NSW Central Coast 

Debra offers creative practices through Moving Meditation/Dance, Art and Writing to explore beyond the mind of limiting beliefs. Opening the heart to find healing joyfully we create  Artworks, Body Rhythms and Write our stories waiting to be written. You will feel sense of joy, & wellbeing with skills to take home to write your Journals, Blogs or begin your own book.


Facilitated by Debra A. Lansdowne

( Author & Healing Arts Therapist) 

 Cost: $85  

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL -(limited spaces)

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 NOVEMBER Fri 18th 2022

STORYTELLING - inspiring tales

"Trusting the Path of the Heart"

 Time: 7pm to 9pm 

 When: Friday 18th November 2022

 Where: NSW Central Coast, Terrigal

Debra share's her inspiring life experiences taking you on a joyful journey to discover some pearls of wisdom along the way. She sees life from a physical and metaphysical perspective.

A seeker of many life experiences and truth seeker Debra has many stories to keep you entertained and wanting more...

Storyteller Debra Lansdowne

(awarded Author and Healing Arts Therapist)


 Cost: $30 

(includes supper)

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL  (limited places)


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