Debra is currently working on her 2nd and 3rd book.

Her events are on hold for now and she will be offering

more joyful and empowering events later in 2020. 

Thank you for checking in and your support.

Solstice and Eclipse

21st June  2020

Drumming Hearts for Solstice sunrise we are gathering at Spoon Bay

Time to meet: 6.30am at carpark

Start 6.40am on beach for the earth blessings

bring your instruments or any items to contribute all are welcome.

We will be there Sun or Rain with the elements.

We will have some extra instruments for anyone needing one.

Looking forward to see you all and to play in celebration 

on this very powerful time in earths history shifting of the ages. 

"Seed the Dream"

Soulful Embodied Journey

We are now living in a new earth paradigm on this planet and we have an opportunity, to seed our new dreams to manifest faster than ever before.  


Would you like to seed a new dream? or power an existing dream?

Have you been connecting with your inner soul world or distracted by the

busy outer world of chaos, confusion, frustration and fears? 

I am offering  deep soulful journey of joy, to seed our new dreams.

Our theme will be based on the growth of a seed in mother earth, this will

support the conscious growth of our dream to manifest in divine timing.

When we journey in sacred space as a group energy together, it becomes

a powerful deep experience to seed our dreams, beyond the mind of chatter.

  We will be diving deep into the journeys with eastern

practices kundalini yoga, meditation and shamanic earth connections, 

conscious dance movements with world music, creating art and

integrating with sound healing.


Venue and Dates to be rescheduled for 2020 

Would you like to join this joyful journey to seed your dream ??


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Instagram: debra_dancing_yogi_author

CHAKRADANCE Deep Journeys with the Elements

Meditation, Expressive Dance, Art Therapy & CHILL


2018 ......

May 19th (Heart chakra & Air) chill with Crystal heart bowl

June 16th (Base chakra & Earth) chill with Medicine drum

July 14th (Sacral chakra & Water) chill with Crystal bowls

August 11th (Solar Plexus chakra & Fire) chill with Gong

Time: Saturdays 2-5pm (dates above)

Where: Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre

20 Kincumber St Kincumber  (NSW central coast)


includes live music, art materials & 3hrs of joy


Interested contact Debra..........

 mob. 0409742808 or email:

"Finding Joy, Step Beyond the Mind"  Chakradance

Moving Meditation & Creative Expression, unlocks Joy & Empowerment

 for the Central Coast Council Wellbeing event


when: Tuesday 24th October 2017

time: 12.30 to 2pm 

where: Erina Fair, The Hub @ Erina Fair Central Coast NSW


Bookings essential contact Debra 0438 074 921


"Moving Beyond Anxiety, Joyfully (chakradance)

for the Central Coast Council Wellbeing event


when: Thursday 24th August 2017

time: 2pm to 3.30pm (arrive 1.50pm at library reception)

where: Erina Library building @  The Hub  Erina Fair C/Coast NSW


Bookings essential contact Debra 0438 074 921




Womens Solstice Gathering Celebration Event

(supported by WoW ) with Debra 

When: Sunday 25th June 2017 @ 2.30pm to 5.30pm

Where: @ Rumbulara Retreat (private location)

10mins from Gosford & Erina (Central Coast NSW)

Bookings essential limited spaces

Contact Debra for details

mob. 0438 074 921

CHAKRADANCE  "Freedom Cycle" (classes)

Mondays 1st May to 26 June 2017

7.30pm to 9pm
  Freedom Cycle is a beautiful free flow meditation, dance and creative art experience, that will keep you tunned up energetically. This equates to the body being energised, clarity of the mind and emotionally open to flow with lifes challenges.
 It is a joyful experience to work with the chakra energy system of the body in this way.  Will be inspiring and keep you grounded and connected to your own personal wisdom.

9 weekly drop in classes @ Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre

Fun Fee: $25 Casual drop in Or $80 (4 wk special pass) 

all sessions include art materials

Chakradance Your 7 keys to Freedom

Mondays 20th February to 10th April 2017  

 Awaken your Energy Centres of the Body gain insights about your life & feel energised

alive and inspired to find new life possibilities...

Meditation, Soulful freeform Dance & Mandala Art

@ Kincumber Neighbour Centre Kincumber Time: Mondays 7.30pm to 9pm(1.5hrs)

 fun fee & feeling renewed $165 (8 week workshop)

all materials art materials provided

New Years Eve Celebration Dance - Chakradance Session

When:  4pm to 5pm 31st December 2016    

Where: Billabong Eco Retreat resort, Kenthurst Sydney NSW

for details call Debra mob 043 807 4921


Sensual W0MAN'S Weekend Retreat  (with Shakti)

Dancing Freedom session (with Debra)

When: 2-4th December 2016   Where: The Grove, Wisemans Ferry Sydney NSW


for details call Debra mob. 043 807 4921

Saturday 29th October 2016  Chakradance Workshop

"Throat Chakra exploration"


We will be exploring the Throat Chakra through Dance, Art therapy & Meditation, ending with beautiful Crystal bowls to integrate our experience.

Honesty opens the door to true freedom and inner strength. Are you ready to explore your truth??

If you feel, called to come & take part in this fun workshop event. We are meeting at...Time: 2-5pm

Where: Lakespa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan close, Charmhaven (Wyong area of Central coast)​ this joy experience investment is $38.00 (3hrs of fun)

Saturday 17th September 2016  Workshop

Medicine Drum Circle, Dance,Sing,Create Body Art, MedicineDrum Meditation

Full Moon Eclipse Celebration our theme "Feel Mother Earth". If you have a medicine drum or if you would like to experience the joy of healing from a Medicine Drum, Dance Meditation, Sing & Create, this will be your opportunity to come along and take part in a group celebration circle. We have extra instruments if you would like to have a try and feel the joy of gathering with others.

It is time to bring some joy to ourselves and mother earth. If this resonates for you come join us for some joyful enriching experiences with mother earth.

Where: Lakespa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven Time 1.30pm-5.30pm  cost $38-

Sunday 31st July 2016  Workshop

Meditation Dance, Art & Crystal Bowls on Cancer Moon

Return Home to You for the Cancer moon Dance.. to the Rhythm of Your Own Soul

Our theme "FEEL LOVE" connect with our heart chakra, journeying deep to find Self Love & Joy in ourselves unconditionally, it canot be contained, will flow out to our family, friends & all that we meet.

Do You Love Yourself Unconditionally???  Would You like to Dive Deep into Self-Love to Feel real Joy??

Debra will be offering meditation Dance & mandal Art with Jacke who will offer Blissful Crystal Bowls surpporting our journey to "Feel Love"

Where: Lake Spa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven (near Wyong ) Time: 2pm to 5pm

Saturday 2nd July 2016 Workshop

New Moon Meditation Dance, Ritual & Crystal Bowls 

Return home to you for the New moon Dance to the Rhythm of your Own Soul.

This Months theme July will be exploring our passion and seeding for harvest...


Sharing what others have experienced....  "I'm amazed at the profound reaction I've experienced in such a short space of time"  "Feeling, lighter & Free-er"

When: Sunday 2nd July 2016  2pm to 5pm       Where:  @ Lake Spa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan Close, Charmhaven C/Coast NSW


Sunday 5th June 2016  Workshop

New Moon Meditation Dance & Crystal Bowls


Return Home to You.. for the New Moon... Dance to the Rhythm of Your Own Soul.. with especially composed Music... 

Meditation, Dance, Mandala Art & Crystal Bowls Healing

Lake Spa Wellness Centre, 1 Callaghan Close Charmhaven (Wyong area)   Time: 1pm-4pm

Thursdays evenings April & May 2016

Chakradance "Journeying Series" 7 wkly classes


Going deeper  into the practice to promote balance for mind, body & soul.


@ Wyoming Community Centre, Wyoming NSW

Thursdays evenings February & March 2016 

Chakradance "Awaken Series" 8 wkly classes

Need to re-energise your life & body?? need to release stress?? Find clarity in your Life??

@ Wyoming Community Centre, Wyoming