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October 1st and 2nd, 2021

 International Author and Publishers Expo. (2 day event) plus Gala Dinner
@  The Crown Melbourne, Vic. Aust.
Celebrate with Authors in the industry.
Meet Debra on stage
as Guest Speaker 
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February 24, 2021

"Self-Exploration to Write from the Heart"

(2hr workshop)

@ Nerida Gardens, Narara NSW Aust.


Open to new and experienced writers.


Facilitated by

Debra Lansdowne

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May 4, 2021

"Influences on my Spiritual Journey"

(7.30 to 9pm) before event dinner 6pm

@ The Grange Hotel (SIP network), Wyoming Aust.

Audience Q & A after talk

Meet Debra as

Guest Speaker (1hr)


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available to speak on the following topics...

"The Path to Freedom, Joy and Love"

Do you have freedom Joy and love  in your life?

There is so much freedom, love and joy available to us on earth when we awaken. When you follow your heart's calling and trust, you will manifest with the universe all that you need in divine timing. this has been my earthly experience.

Debra Lansdowne


"Power of Feminine Cycles and Earth Mother"

Are you struggling with Menopause

Meno-Pause a powerful time for a woman to have a spiritual initiation into her wise woman phase to be fully in her empower to see the world with eyes of wisdom. But in the western world it is seen as gone and forgotten.  A great loss to humanity as such wisdom is lost. Unlike  indigenous cultures they highly respect the older wise women.

Debra Lansdowne

"The Voice of the Voiceless"

Do you love animals?

As a child i felt the pain of other species as if it were my own, and I felt they had no voice. I could hear them screaming inside and feeling disempowered, but no-one else seemed to hear them. I also had not voice and felt disempowered by my family. My animal companions would hear me I could feel it in my heart...

Debra Lansdowne


Previous Guest Speaking Engagements 2020


"Creating my Book" - Guest Speaker @ Long Story, Short 

"Influences on My Spiritual Journey" - Guest Speaker @ Spirituality at the Grange 

"Finding Freedom and Joy" - Guest Speaker @ Gnostic Village

"Inspiration and Meditation" - Speaker @ Bamboo Buddha Gallery Cafe

"The Inner Voice Guidance" - Speaker @ Bateau Bay Leagues Club