About the book "Seeker of Freedom and Joy - 
inspiring life journeys of an enlightened heart" 

Would you like to be INSPIRED to find more FREEDOM

and JOY in your life?

Back cover of Book:

Many people are struggling to find meaning in their lives now with so many changes placed upon us all and forcing us to adapt quickly to a changing new world arising.

This book is one of those inspiring reads to take you on a journey of discovery to reflect on your own life and the world around you from  a different perspective. Offering landmarks to find your own unique path

to be enlightened with greater freedom, joy and love awaiting you.

This heartfelt book is full of extraordinary life journeys that begin with how a sensitive child, the author Debra sees the world and interprets its meaning from what she believes in her heart to be full of contradictions and confusion around love on this planet.

Her adventurous spirit drives her with  a passion to explore the world 

beyond her childhood home early in life, to find freedom and joy in her heart.

The reader has an opportunity to find their own personal insights as Debra shares how she navigated a path beyond her own trauma, fears, confusion, disappointments and challenges life throws at her with courage she  moves through to find herself having spiritual awakenings and profound insights about her 3D life. Trusting her own heart calling, each journey awakened her to find healing and heart expansion to have magical experiences with mother earth and other realms of existence.

If you would like to be inspired this will keep you wanting to read every unpredictable chapter to the end. 

Book reviews:

 “I didn't want to stop reading! A beautiful reflection of life's journey that moved my heart and touched my soul. There

were tears, laughs, gasps and silence as I drew deeper into each chapter. A highly recommended read for anyone wishing to

gain insight on the winding road to self, and to connect more deeply and honestly to themselves”.

Sita Ajeet Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


“Reading this book brought tears of joy and pain, and a reassurance that although life is complicated, it is magnificent.

With her unique and heartfelt perspective, Debra empathetically recounts her major life events through the specific lens

of her knowledge in health science and spirituality. Truthfully portrayed and spiritually interpreted, a must read in the

power of empathy and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book”.

Jeneffa Soldatic, Award-winning Director of Theatre and Film


“From the moment I met Debra twenty years ago, I knew she was unique! Debra lives from her heart, and what she shares

here is genuinely heartfelt, inviting us to live from a deeper sense of our own knowing, from our infinite being. It’s an

honour to know such a beautiful being who resonates at such a high frequency and has always followed her awareness,

and now is there for many others seeking to become fully whole and conscious. May this book be a contribution to you

and the earth we currently call home”.

Fiona McDonald Baylis, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Debra’s inspiring and extraordinary life touches many others to take their own

unique path to find enlightenment. 

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