Are you struggling to find
meaning and joy in your life?

Let me take you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery to be the Seeker of Freedom and Joy in your own life.


Seeker of Freedom and Joy

“Reading this book brought tears of joy and pain, and a reassurance that although life is complicated, it is magnificent.


With her unique and heartfelt perspective, Debra empathetically recounts her major life events through the specific lens of her knowledge in health science and spirituality.


Truthfully portrayed and spiritually interpreted, a must-read in the

power of empathy and forgiveness. I highly recommend this book”.

Jeneffa Soldatic,

Award-winning Director of Theatre and Film

“I didn't want to stop reading!  beautiful reflection of life's journey that moved my heart and touched my soul.


There were tears, laughs, gasps and silence as I drew deeper into each chapter.


A highly recommended read for anyone wishing to gain insight on the winding road to self, and to connect more deeply and honestly to themselves”. 

Sita Ajeet Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Wow! This beautiful and important book is both an extraordinary personal life story as well as an important story for all of us to acknowledge as our very own, as humans navigating life on earth. Prepare to have your heart expanded and your wisdom awakened.

Thank you Debra for rewriting our story through your own and sharing our amazing potential with such authenticity, humility and joy. Thank you for sharing this in this form and in this way with the world. May it travel far and wide.


Tanya Craig -

Art Therapist Teacher