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About my books..

What do Readers Say ??

Awarded Book

Completed Front cover Book 1.jpeg

“I didn't want to stop reading!  a beautiful reflection of life's journey that moved my heart

and touched my soul. There were tears, laughs, gasps and silence as I drew deeper into each chapter"... Nicole

“Reading this book brought tears of joy and pain, and a reassurance that although life is complicated, it is magnificent. A unique and heartfelt perspective, the Author empathetically recounts her major life events through the specific lens of her knowledge in health science and spirituality"... Jeneffa 

"Wow! This beautiful and important book is both an extraordinary personal life story as well as an important story for all of us to acknowledge as our very own, as humans navigating life on earth"... Tanya

Newest Release 

The Power of Love with Animals-cover.jpg

"What a delight to have read this book! The way in which Debra opens the reader to remembering spirituality and connection to our non-human animal cousins, the pulsations of our hearts and the love which unites us all"... Flavia

"This book is wonder-filled!... Your Joyful spirit of innocence and love shines through in your passion and storytelling. A broad perspective of inter-dimensional communication may challenge some readers to reconcile within their own hearts both the magical and painful realities of human relationships with other species"... Tammy

"Debra’s sensitive telling of her encounters with animals and the natural world are a delight to read. Her sweet spirit comes shining through her book. To spread the message of the Universal Language of Silence that all beings speak is important"... Billy   

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