Do You Love Animals?

Would you like to know

what wisdom animals

have to share with

us humans?


The Power of Love with Animals 

Knowing Debra for many, many years and it's wonderful to see her sweet spirit come shining through her book.  To spread the message of the Universal Language of Silence that all beings speak is important work, especially today with the human disconnection from the natural world at such a peak.  


For those of us who speak for the unheard, telling our stories is a beautiful way other people can be gently reminded of the rich world of connection we all really live in. And this is crucial.


Debra’s sensitive telling of her encounters with animals and the natural world are a delight to read. Enjoy her stories and remember that we are all part of Nature.


Billie Dean  Author of “Secret Animal Business”; Shamanic Interspecies Communicator and Teacher; A Place of Peace Farm Animal and Wild Horse Sanctuary Australia

What a delight to have read this book! The way in which Debra opens the reader to remembering spirituality and connection to our non-human animal cousins, the pulsations of our hearts and the love which unites us all.


Both wonderful and healing especially at a time when the world appears shrouded in fear which gives rise to feeling separate from other species.


At this time, it still sits in our collective consciousness with the knowing and the power to transcend to a higher vibration. 


Flavia Ursino Coleman Author of “Beyond Speciesism” and “Monkey Business: A Story of Soulmates and Primates”