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Heart 2 Heart Animal Talk Service
"A voice for the voiceless species"  


Do you love animals?   
Are you needing help to communicate with your loved companion animal? Looking for answers on challenging behaviours, illness or after death ? 
Would you like to know what wisdom they have to share with you?

What do the Animals say??
Please come talk with us... 
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Debra has been talking with animals and wildlife since childhood. She has offered animal communication sessions for carer's since 2007 after a profound experience at an Earth Wisdom/Shamanic training workshop. A life of deep connections with many species including her own furry soul companions, have shared much wisdom. Her latest book "The Power of Love with Animals"  shares the wisdom of other species and her passion to be a voice for the voiceless species, not heard.  She offers communication sessions for carer's needing a little help to have deeper relationships with their own beautiful companion animals to learn more.  

Communication feedback from Carers?? 

“I am so relieved.. cannot thank you enough for your good work. And for being there so grateful we now have him home with us again” I have so much gratitude... Beth

“Thank you so much for connecting and communicating with our cat Maxi he is much happier and not behaving in a way that is not upsetting us. We love him very much and are glad he knows it.” love and much gratitude... Jo

So happy to report Hermione got good results to go with the operation after feeling very nervous all the love sent to her has miraculously improved her kidney function test to be operated on now?...Kari

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