What is this book all about?...  "The Power of Love with Animals"  

All species have a voice - we humans are just not listening to them with our hearts.

Do you love animals?

Would you like to know what wisdom they have to share with us?

Is there more to this earthly life you do not yet know about?

This book is a powerful life story of the author's unconditional loving relationships with many animal animal companions, wildlife species, mother earth, and her ancestors beyond this physical world.

A joyful ride, many pages share communications and wisdom from other species to help humanity learn about the earth and how to live with our relations of other species.

Power of Love with Animals will inspire you to take your relationships with animal companions and wildlife to new levels of understanding. Let the language of LOVE take you to places in your heart you may have never thought possible, going beyond the physical world to explore the other realms whilst being human.


Debra will take you on enlightening journeys into past lives and why our companion animals come to us. Not limited to the tangible physical world, Debra's communications cross into many realms of existence. She shares how her family of light beings (the ancestor souls) support her earthly journey and come to heal her childhood wounds. Many animal companions and wildlife species have visited her to support, teach and guide her evolution here on earth.

Power of Love with Animals is a fascinating and enlightening journey to learn about yourself, your relationship with other species and the earth you inhabit.