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Debra offers joyful, inspiring and empowering soulful journeys for the mind, body & spirit to find personal wisdom,

joy and freedom. She supports her groups to go beyond the mind of chatter and judgement, to re-reconnect with

"Who They 'Really Are" magnificent  souls with great wisdom within to find their own answers in life.

Soulful Journeys with Heart 
Yoga of the Heart 
 Art from the Heart

 Classes/workshop Journeys are offered as: 

 Soulful Dance JOurneys with Heart Conscious meditative Dance, connection through the

chakra system and the five elements of earth. 


 Yoga of the Heart Yoga & Meditations to evolve through our heart space 

Art from the heart Transpersonal Art Therapy bypasses the mind of judgment to connect with

our own souls wisdom.

Workshop/class Testimonials shared ......

“I feel clearer, more joyful, lighter and have more gratitude. I laugh louder, more often & my heart 

is open. Learning more about me, making me a better person for myself". Joanne


Debra provides what I feel is a unique experience, in which I found most profound healing.

“A beautiful space was created, a warm caring, healing space” Irene


“Just loved it. Very powerful journey for revealing the “real” me and for releasing blocks from 

stopping the “real me” from shining forth. Dianne


“Frees the body & emotions and spirit through increasing levels of spontaneity & flexibility. 

Healing took place in a very non-linear, non-controlled way”.

“I went from feeling disturbed, very uncomfortable and feeling dis-ease in my body to,

 to one of liberation, emotionally & physically & spiritual release, as well !.” Graeme


"Exploratory, feeling my way, a very good medium, to get in touch with your sacred self.....

 I feel more grounded today & also have strengthened some of my resolve to utilise my courage

 with heart & integrity". Tarin


"Thanks so much for free Dancing Debra! Was Amazing! I actually touched mountain 

akasha and water akasha. Very profound! Keep doing what you are doing cuz you 

do it so well !! Mwah"! Susan

Book "Seeker of Freedom and Joy" 

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Debra Author Lansdowne

Debra's personal growth and trainings have been acquired learning Eastern traditions Meditation and Yoga, Ancient Mystery School Wisdom of Egypt, Earth Wisdom from Shamanic initiations and practices. And travelling extensively across the world and Australia, learning about other cultures, living in remote areas of Australia within aboriginal communities and working with energies of mother earth.

Published Author 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher trained (accredit.)

Transpersonal Art Therapist Counsellor (Adv. Dip.)

Conscious Movement and Dance Facilitator (accredit.)

previously a Registered Nurse