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Hello I am Debra 

Welcome to my website feel free to explore.

I am a seeker of truth and free spirit with a passion for adventure and relentless desire to explore life on many levels of existence metaphysically and physically. I have transformed my life

many times. 

My heart has been my compass in life guiding me on worldly and mystical life journeys. I love to inspire others with my stories of adventures and the beauty and magic I find on earth. 

My passion is to take my readers and workshop groups on heart journeys to explore their mind, body and soul to find wellbeing. I offer joyful group sessions to explore beyond the mind to open

ones own heart to find joy and peace.

My groups are offered guidance and support in a sacred safe space to explore their own intuitive wisdom. Explorations are through conscious movement, art therapy and/or writing from the heart to release limitations that are obstructing the way forward. My favorite modalities for heart journeys are through Storytelling, Meditation, Yoga, Soulful Dance Journeys and Art Exploration.

 Another of my passions and gift is communicating with other species, those without a voice needing to be heard. I offer consultations to support animal carer's to have a deeper relationship and understanding with their loved animal companion's. See buttons below for more on storytelling/events/workshops/ animal communication consultations and my inspiring books..

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An interview with 
Fiona McDonald Baylis -  Septermber 2021
.....  more videos check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL @ Debra Lansdowne Author
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